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Space environment simulation facility – here physics, chemistry and materials researchers and engineering researchers develop and test special engineered materials with special targeted attributes.
In this facility, we have:

  • Closed control equipment simulating space extreme conditions such as temperature ranges and cycles change (from a few tens of Kelvin degrees up to over a thousand Kelvin degrees); simulated space radiation conditions; accelerated stress testers.
  • Different types of 3D digital printing tools including Piezo Jet, DLP and others

Non-destructive testing development facility. At this facility we run and develop advanced methods and special tools for non-destructive testing. This facility includes:

  • X-ray equipment and imaging devices
  • Ultrasonic equipment, sensors, couplers labs
  • Terahertz FM and “time of flight” lab
  • Robotic, gantry, rotational table motion and control simulation (physical and SW models)

SARAF (Soreq Applied Research Accelerator Facility). This new SOREQ facility is aimed at the research and application utilization of hi energy and hi flux sub atom particle/element beam (multiple time magnitude over typical cyclotrons power)

  • The lab design supports advanced medical radio pharmaceutical imaging and treatment medicine production.
  • As the facility targets production outcomes, the lab can support after hours operation.

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