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Clean Hall– A unique hall dedicated to testing highly sensitive technologies for the detection of traces and materials residues. The facility allows for evaluating the performance of various detection systems in different material states (wet chemistry kits) through traces (ETDs) and up to the gas phase (PPM level). The hall is also used to study, test and train biological sensors such as K-9, among others

Modular hall allowing working with full mass threats (“bulk”), for the detection of IEDs and weapons.
The hall is designed for technologies such as x-ray and CT machines, millimeter waves detectors, and more.
The hall enables data collection, testing and evaluating detection technologies in cargo, bags and suitcases and on the human body. It is possible to situate several technologies simultaneously for comparative tests or complex processes that require the integration of technologies (multi-stage systems).

Open air laboratory – covered and uncovered testbed for testing outdoor scenarios including vehicles, remote threat detection, explosive K-9s, large volumes of commercial cargo (trucks, containers) in real-life scenarios.

Threat construction lab – allows our experts to build threat simulations and scenarios with either “live” threats or simulants and integrate them into an outline that simulates reality according to the customer’s definitions. We have the ability to manufacture unique threats, including improvised ones and work at various threat weights.

Dedicated bunkers and storage facilities that include a variety of relevant threats and hosts and which has the ability to store unique threats according to the customer’s needs.

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