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Breakthrough technology transfer, commercialization and supportive development enabling ISORAD customers products leadership on emerging markets.

Our unique broad science and discipline’s

SOREQ, Israel’s national broad physics, chemistry, material engineering research sciences center structure is a multi-disciplinary organization, strategic teams are set to take on complicated ad-hoc governmental challenges and projects. Such an ad hoc structure culture is specifically optimal for:

One-of-a-kind R&D projects and solution development–sometimes even without immediate full commercial justification.
The ability to gather personnel from the multi-disciplinary in-house science domains; the relevant researchers and engineers are matched to the specific challenge and targeted project.
The ability, during the life cycle of the developed project, to tune the team structure as needed, for example, when a new, unexpected roadblock requires new expertise during a project, the necessary researcher or engineering expert can be added quickly and smoothly.
Such a built-in structure, across decades, has generated vast experience in running very complex and challenging multi-disciplinary projects with well-structured collaboration, manpower and science laboratories.

A typical addressed project – the massive and fast human COVID-19 testing story

Our Story

So, you may ask, what kind of stimulated targeted project could be addressed as an example? –– When the COVID-19 pandemic started around January 2020, every country was terrified about the unknown high death toll and the speed with which the coronavirus spread, which surpassed the capacity of the hospitals, and the severe effect on economies due to massive quarantines. In those early days in Israel, the volume of coronavirus detection tests was a few hundred patients per day and the test results came only after about 48 hours.

Our conterbution

At the beginning of February 2020, ISORAD and SOREQ immediately gathered together researchers and engineers – including organic chemical researchers, physics researchers, specifically on light spectrum analysis, optics engineers, systems engineers and AI software experts – to evaluate a few different new coronavirus testing solutions.

The team decided to test patient saliva samples via a built dedicated AI Raman spectroscopy concept prototype resulting in a coronavirus test result in a few seconds.

Our conterbution

The dedicated assigned multidisciplinary team developed and built in less than six weeks a proof of concept prototype, ran with it according to medical research procedures, with PCR reference cross checks, hundreds of samples, tuning the AI machine learning algorithm model and software leading to diagnostic accuracy above the a percentage in the high nineties and with very low false positive results, and the project team demonstrated it to Israel’s minister of health together with a ready work plan to fast scale up implementation

Our conterbution

Fortunately, in parallel, in April–May 2020, other brute force efforts and massive Israel government financial investment in targeted solutions managed to scale up the PCR testing and system operations to a daily capacity of more than 10,000 coronavirus tests per 24 hours.

So, what will be the next served project? The answer is “per demand and need,” i.e., per customer challenge on breakthrough enabling R&D. And, indeed, there are multiple custom integrative multi-disciplinary projects engaged and running every year serving vast civilian markets and applications such as clean tech, the medical device market, 3D special materials printing, industrial, remote sensing, and other unique diagnostics.

We Build and Develop Our Own Special Labs

At SOREQ, Israel’s national research center focused on strategic governmental needs, which was established more than 60 years ago, we structure not only our own macro special facilities but also often develop and build our own special micro tools and lab equipment, which are not commercially available.

As such, you can expect non-standard lab equipment in our facilities.

Even if we do not have certain necessary lab equipment, this is not an obstacle:

We have broad cooperation with Israeli universities and with other national Israeli research centers.

If necessary, we will develop the required special lab equipment, which a customer cannot justify on its own, as part of the customer’s project.

Well-equipped reaserch, engineering & customized producion facility

Well Experienced and multidisciplinary research & engineering teams

(photonics, optics, systems Engineering, etc.)

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