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Israel Center for Advanced Photonics (ICAP)

Design house / For innovative Photonics

Control Your Photonic - Components Supply Chain With Bright Solutions

Building successful technologies for our customers, from Lab to Fab

III-V semiconductors

Serving Leading Automotive customer

  • (GaAs, InP, InSb, GaN, …)
  • MOCVD & MBE epitaxial growth
  • Photonic devices design and fabrication

Specialty fibers and Fibers components

Serving Leading High-Power laser customer

  • Specialty Optical Fiber Technology
  • Fiber components/devices
  • Custom Design, Fabrication and Characterization

Photonic innovative technologies

Serving leading Datacom and Medical customers

  • Fibers coupling (splicing to chips, crystals)
  • Femtosecond laser Inscription (FBGs, splitters, waveguides)
  • Custom optical solutions

Well-equipped reaserch, engineering & customized producion facility

Well Experienced and multidisciplinary research & engineering teams

(photonics, optics, systems Engineering, etc.)

A well defined journey together

As a key partner in your quest for a customized solution and to control your supply chain, our team of experts can optimize your most challenging needs across four comprehensive phases.

Problem and solutions definitions

Proof of concept


Engineering and Manufacturing Scale up

Among our projects & Customers

Products & reference designs

Fabs - Labs

We are supporting the photonic revolution for a better world

UV + Comm
Data centers
Transceivers: Computing
Sensing + Min. invasive
PV/Water Q
Optical Chips
Sensors & Lasers
Laser cutting, Shipyards

Among our projects

Market segment: Data centers

Customer: Leading global customer

Goals and motivation: Improved production yield and signal SNR

Project highlight: Multiple fiber fusion splicing to waveguides in photonic chips. IP-based solution. Fusion splicing of fibers is stronger than adhesives, more robust and provides lower optical losses

Market segment: Medical device

Customer: Picodya

Goals and motivation: Gen 2 full optic system for Improved blood exam processing, miniaturization and product COGS reduction

Project highlight: Novel IP based solution –Miniaturized optical assembly, including customized multiple waveguides that allow illumination of the sample and light collection based on Picodya B-matrix® innovative concept for point-of-care tests

Market segment: Laser-based manufacturing tool

Customer: Leading high power laser manufacturer 

Goals and motivation: Providing the customer with better control over their supply chain for securing second source and for custom-made modifications

Project highlight: New active customized high power laser fiber for production tools/machines. Targeting mass production and 2nd source of the supply chain

How can we help you invent?

Corporate, startups

  • Better control your supply chain
  • Overcoming technical barriers


  • Boost your next endeavor

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