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Daily production, supply and distribution per demand

Per daily customer’s demand – scheduled daily production of more than 20 different products
24/7 daily door-to-door supply and timely delivery to each hospital/customer per demand
Strong logistics infrastructure for safe and reliable transportation of radioactive products with strict adherence to regulations and guidelines to ensure compliance
24/7 team availability to handle transportation needs and ensure on-time delivery
Multiple parallel distribution routes and vehicles for optimal, fast, on-time delivery across Israel from Beer Sheba in the south to Nahariya in the north
Delivering the highest quality service and products exceeding customer expectations

Radiopharmaceutical products development & labeling services

  • Radiopharmaceutical products development and labeling services

  • Unique collaborative service with start-up and pharmaceutical companies for drug labeling using radioactive substances

  • Collaboration with partners to develop innovative, efficient, optimal production solutions for radiopharmaceutical production scale

  • Accelerated production processes service for partners to bring their products to market quickly and efficiently

  • Experienced team of experts providing comprehensive consultation and project support for a wide range of services, including radiochemical synthesis, quality control and regulatory support

Radiopharmaceutical Consulting Services

Highly experienced professional and expert guidance for a customer’s establishment of nuclear pharmacies and laboratories and running continuous optimal operations
Consulting services for the establishment of nuclear pharmacies and experimental laboratories with radioactive materials
Training in production processes and quality control for radiopharmaceutical products.
Consulting and training on best-practice method establishment and maintaining high levels of industry compliance standards of safety and quality

Consulting services and escort support aimed at assisting customers to reach high proficiency levels in the field of radiopharmaceuticals

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